Wolf Capital


Jshep has always had a passion for sales and marketing, which he has pursued since graduating high school. In 2016, he entered the world of crypto and learned from both bull and bear markets, developing a resilience that has shaped his character to this day. However, it wasn't until January 2021 that Jshep discovered NFTs.
Growing up as an avid FPS gamer, Jshep was always drawn to collecting in-game items, particularly in Counter-Strike. It was this passion for collecting that led him to embrace NFTs, as they offered him the same euphoric experience in a digital context. After trading VeVe collectibles for a few months, Jshep eventually transitioned to ETH NFTs and, in July 2021, discovered Solana.
Leveraging his sales and marketing experience, Jshep began hosting free onboarding events in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, offering face-to-face interactions to help individuals better understand the NFT ecosystem. Inspired by previous network marketing experiences, Jshep's unique approach to sharing the ecosystem has helped many people gain a deeper appreciation for NFTs and the exciting opportunities they offer