Wolf Capital

Loan Hub

As a Wolf Capital NFT holder you will have the ability to browse the loan markets via Sharkyfi, Frakt, Citrus, Rainfi and Yawww. If you as a loan hunter identify a solid loan opportunity, you would submit a "Loan Suggestion" within our discord.
Loans must meet specific guidelines in order to get approved if you are on sharky, yawww, citrus or rainfi:
LTF (Loan To Floor)
14 days
7 days
Every loan suggestion submitted will earn you 5 points. Every loan suggestion approved will earn you 15 bonus points.
Points will solidify your name on our weekly leaderboards. Users who are on top of our leaderboards when a snapshot takes place will qualify for a free collab trait on that week.
We will give away an exact amount of traits we give to the top of the leaderboard to our holders as well so we can reward holders who may not have time to participate. These traits will be exclusive releases in limited quantity!
Trait Releases
With our project, creating this unique system around our traits that are brought on post mint utilizing boots, we want to ensure we do not saturate our trait market. These Trait releases will be revealed weekly. If demand for traits is higher we will listen to our community and release accordingly.
Why Lending?
Most projects in our ecosystem are currently lacking revenue streams and are forced to go months without a revenue stream until they complete the vision of building what they want regardless if it is a SaaS company, marketing platform, launchpad, etc..
Utilizing lending for revenue to pay our staff is a unique approach that has not been done before. This gamification system allows our users to be apart of the process and learn more about our lending ecosystem along the way.
We want to make a statement that projects can utilize existing web 3 structures to generate sustainable revenue while building what they desire to build and this allows their community to be there every step of the way.
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